Cleansing Diet

Cleansing Diet – 5 day diet plan for easy weight loss, detoxification of the colon, kidney and liver.

Toxins in the liver prevent you from losing weight. A Liver Cleanse can dramatically help you in your weight loss plan.

There are many diets that help detoxify the body and support easy weight loss. A Natural Colon Cleanse will eliminate all toxins from the system.

The cleansing diet helps the body purify and rejuvenate the cells by increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits and eliminating the consumption of processed foods the cells absorb nutrients and extract the toxins.

A cleansing diet should not be performed a long periods of time. A five day cleansing diet will greatly improve your health and help you lose weight. A cleansing diet shouldn’t exceed 10 days.

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The proposed diet is designed to purify the body and help eliminate all toxic residues that manifests in the body and prevent weight loss as well as affect your health. This diet not only helps reduce and eliminate excessive body fat, but helps the body eliminate toxins or substances which can be attached to the intestines and can’t be eliminated due to a high degree of toxicity in the body.

Did you know that toxins stored in the body’s fat cells can prevent weight loss? Studies have shown that people that fast have a higher rate of metabolic rate and can lose weight much easier. A cleansing diet can help detoxify the body and increase the body’s metabolic rate in turn helping to lose weight.

10 Easy Steps to Colon Detox

With this diet the body recovers from nutritional deficiencies, optimizes the proper functioning of the immune system, reinforcing defenses, and cleanses the colon, liver, kidneys and blood. In addition it helps dispel the predisposition to allergies, chronic colds, headaches, improves the appearance of the skin and hair.

In general the whole body restores, rejuvenates and strengthens. This diet is especially recommended for people who are chronically ill or often feel tired and drained.

As with any diet, the cleansing diet requires certain faith and a little bit of disciple. However, if the cleansing diet is respected and followed the results will be very encouraging. The cleansing diet should be performed ever once every 2 months in order to cleanse and purify the body.

Don’t despair if you break the cleansing diet cycle, start where you left off, always applaud your efforts.

During the cleansing diet try to avoid coffee and sodas, replace with tea. If the day calls for salads please try to avoid any kind of dairy which include cheeses, dressings and sauces that contain any form of dairy.


Breakfast:  Fruit of your choice, try not to have highly acid fruits such as grapefruit or orange, it can irritate the stomach.

Recommended fruits: Banana, apple, pineapple, pear, grapes, or any form of watermelon.

Lunch: Soup and salad. You can also add some form of white fish to the lunch menu.

Dinner: Vegetables (steamed), fish, soup, salad and some fruit.


Breakfast:  Slice of toast, 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch: Soup or salad and any sort of fruit. If you are feeling tired and weak try a highly acid fruit such as citrus or grapefruit.

Dinner: Vegetables fish, soup and salad. (Steamed)


Breakfast:  Slice of toast, honey or jam and fruit of your choice.

Lunch: Soup, salad and steamed white fish

Dinner: Vegetables, soup and salad (steamed). Also you can have any fruit of your choice.


Breakfast:  Fruits, highly recommend bananas and apples.

Lunch: Soup, salad and fruits.

Dinner: Vegetables, soup, fish and salad (steamed)


Breakfast:  Slice of toast, 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch: Soup, salad and fruits.

Dinner: Vegetables, soup, fish and salad (steamed)

The cleansing diet should be accompanies by some form of exercise. A morning walk, jogging and bicycling are great ways to help strengthen and rejuvenate the body.

It is recommended that during this diet colon cleansing should be administered to help flush the toxins that are being removed from the body and fat cells. There are a number of good colon cleanse products that can be used. Through research there were two colon cleanse products that were highly recommend by doctors.

It is important that once the diet is completed make an effort not to eat excessively. One of the most common causes of an unhealthy, weak and withered body is overconsumption of food and the combination of bad foods which don’t have enough nutritional elements.

Rest is very important because it eliminates the stress which often causes stomach and digesting disorders, get enough rest to keep vital organs functioning.